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Explore Downtown Living is a FREE event that lets you tour Downtown Minneapolis and all it has to offer at your own pace. Visit residential communities that provide incredible views and experiences in each of downtown’s five neighborhoods. **UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Explore Downtown Living’s event on Saturday, May 16 has been canceled. Check back for more updates on the event’s 2020 schedule as information becomes available. 

“This was a great event and I appreciate the people who put it together! It was a wonderful opportunity for my husband and I to see all of the options available downtown.” — Kimberlee, future downtown resident

Registration for Explore Downtown Living 2020 is currently postponed. Check back for more information.

Since being launched  in 2015, Explore Downtown Living has showcased more than 21,000 unit tours in 12 days—helping thousands of people get better acquainted with downtown’s thriving and dynamic residential neighborhoods. Learn More

More Reasons To Live Here

“Moving to a new city is always a little unsettling! Choosing where to live was stressful, not really knowing the ins and outs of the many Minneapolis districts. The Explore Downtown Living event gave me the opportunity to both tour wonderful buildings and to learn about the various neighborhoods! Being a city boy originally, and an empty-nester now, I chose the North Loop because it so reminded me of Greenwich Village where I had my first apartment years ago. It has culture, shopping, sports, skyway, and a lot of music and arts, and a vivacious atmosphere which means I never need to look hard for anything to do. And the VIEW of downtown is a joy to behold every morning! I'm in the middle of everything and could not be happier here."

Peter Hyman, new downtown resident

“I just wanted to tell you how much my husband Tom and I enjoyed the Explore Downtown event. We went both days (May 2015) and were able to see 13 buildings. We weren't able to start until 1:00 both days so I thought we did well. It really helped us to feel the difference of the neighborhoods. We are hoping to eventually move downtown we currently have too big of a house in SW Minneapolis. Anyway we thank you and all the people involved organizing this, it was obvious that a lot of work went into it."

Pam & Tom, future downtown residents

“This was a great event, and I appreciate the people who put it together! It was a wonderful opportunity for my husband and I to see all of the options available downtown. Thanks again for a well-done event."

Kimberlee, future downtown resident

“What a great idea! This is a great way to get to see a variety of neighborhoods and different buildings. Each area had its own vibe, and it was good for us to experience this. Buildings had many different amenities - fun to compare and contrast. As empty nesters, who are considering relocating to Downtown Minneapolis, it was a good way to experience the many options."

Shelly & Tom Halverson, potential downtown residents

“We decided that downtown Minneapolis is the best place for us to reside, because we both work downtown so it is really easy for us to commute. In the warmer months, we bike or walk. And in the winter months, we can easily walk two blocks to the skyway to work. Velo is also near all the restaurants and theaters around. There is always something to do within walking distance!"

Adam N & China S, North Loop

“We stay because we have always lived in cities, and we can’t imagine living anywhere else. When we had kids, everybody asked, 'When are you moving out?' They think we are crazy—our condo is spacious, but it doesn’t really have any 'rooms.' But we have a yard, we can walk downtown for meeting or going out to dinner, we have access to wonderful bike trails, and we can walk to the playground on the riverfront."

The Brown Family, North Loop

“When we were looking to move, we wanted to be close to the city but still feel part of a neighborhood. We needed to be close to the theater district but not lose a sense of community. The Grain Belt is exactly that. Its mix of historical and modern architecture offers an eclectic setting that fits our style."

The Nienaber Family, Northeast

“After many years of residing in the suburbs of Minneapolis, I took inventory of my personal needs and interests and discovered that nearly everything was centered in downtown Minneapolis."

Jeremy, Loring Park

“If you are looking for a great mix of quiet park and urban lifestyle, Loring Park has it all! Just a couple intersections from the major interstates of the metro, Loring Park offers a variety of beautiful and well maintained walkways full of wildlife and nature. Along the park, find the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, and several fine dining restaurants. Just beyond the park, enjoy the gorgeous skyline views of Downtown Minneapolis."

Jason Ceplecha, Loring Park

“Moving from the western suburbs to Loring Park has been a game changer for our active lifestyle. The parks, nearby theaters, local watering holes with live music, and world-class restaurants make for enjoyable casual nights out. The walkability and bike-ability of the city makes Minneapolis feel quaint enough to go car free (at least during the weekends) yet still large enough where we never feel bored. In all, living in downtown Minneapolis turns out to be exactly the life we've wanted. "

Josh C. and Jon T., Loring Park

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